Quartzite and Semiprecious Stones

Natural Quartzite is a very strong type of stone which can be used for floors, walls and worktops. Not to be confused with Quartz which is a man made stone which contains Natural Quartzite powder.

Our semiprecious stones are some of the most luxurious stones available and are mostly used for walls and floors. Many of these stones are translucent and can be used to create mesmerising visual effects when backlit. 

You can see below a small selection of what we can offer you.

White Quartzite

Bianco Quartzite

Agate Crystal Giant

Agate Crystal

Agate Crystal Gold

Petrified Wood Ivory Retro

Smokey Quartzite Dark

Smokey Quartzite Medium

White Double Face

Jasper Shellflint

Brown Quartzite

Grigio Quartzite

Amethyste dark

Black Petrified Wood

Black Petrified Wood Jurassic

Agate Black Gold

Agate Black Silver

Agate Black

Petrified Wood Brown

 Petrified Wood Yellow

Chocolate Quartzite

Chocolate Gold

Tiger Eye Blue

Agate Blue Giant

Agate Blue

Agate Delta

Agate Umbra

Agate Sabara



Light Pink Quartzite

Dark Pink Quartzite

Rosa Quartzite

Petrified Wood Orange

Agate Cezanne

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