Precast Concrete & Cement

Precast concrete and Cement are extremely versatile materials that can be used for a very wide range of projects. We are able to produce smaller items like sinks, furniture, or worktops, as well as cladding elements and floor tiles. We are also able to bring to life more complex and decorative items like columns, window sills, balustrades, or staircases with high levels of details.

This material can have the aspect of regular concrete or cement, but we are also able to produce precast bespoke terrazzo elements using the same techniques.

Bespoke by nature

The creation of elements with our precast concrete is always a bespoke process as we do not produce any stock items. Every project is studied individually by our technicians and a manufacturing solution put forward based on the specifications of each project.

For every project, we create moulds made of either polystyrene, fibreglass or iron in which we then pour the concrete mixture. The moulds are then left to set for a period of time before being grinded and polish to obtain the desired finish.

Bespoke Colours

We use natural pigments to create all our colours for our precast concrete. We work from NCS colour schemes as a physical reference when working creating every one of them. Each colour is hand mixed to reach the desired colour, and is adapted for every project as further components to the mix such as aggregates has to be taken into consideration. It is truly a work of art and is undertaken by a master craftsman. 

Bespoke Precast Concrete Projects

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