In Situ Terrazzo

In situ terrazzo is a technique where a terrazzo mix composed of cement or resin and marble chips is poured and polished on site. It enables the laying of large areas without joints, giving it a monolithic appearance.  

Due to the nature of this process, the design of the terrazzo is always bespoke as a result. Hence the background colour, size and colour of the chips can be adapted, and further elements can be incorporated into a design such as chunks of marble.

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Laying process

Before pouring terrazzo, the area to be laid is prepared to receive the mixture. With resin based terrazzo, a fibre glass membrane and primer is laid down and for cement based terrazzo usually a screed is required. 

Following precise steps, the marble chips, pigments and cement or resin are mixed together before being poured onto the area to be laid. When creating borders and patterns, wood or metal dividers are used to separate areas. 

Once laid, the mixture is rolled in order to eliminate air bubbles and condense the mixture. Marble chips are often then added on top by hand to complete the design.

The terrazzo is then left to dry, 24 hours for resin and up to 20 days for cement. Once dry the floor can be grinded down and polished to reveal the terrazzo design.


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