Wood Terrazzo

Wood terrazzo is a made using recycled timber, wood wastes, and a mix of resin and cement. There are four standard colours available, but note that we can produce bespoke colours on request. Wood terrazzo is made in sheets of 2440x1220x24mm, with a 6mm visible wood terrazzo edge and 18mm birch plywood base.

Please note that this material is to be considered as wood in terms of performance rather than a stone. If you are looking for a traditional Terrazzo please visit our Terrazzo Tiles page.

What is FORESSO ?

Sustainable Choices for Healthy Architecture

Foresso is a new material composed of timber, wood dust, plaster waste, and 0% VOC resin cast onto an 18mm birch plywood substrate.

85% recycled material, all sourced from within Britain.

0% VOC binder.

78kg of CO2 stored in every sheet.

FSC Certified, formaldehyde free Birch plywood from sustainable sources.

Made in Britain and finished using a combination of state-of-the-art machinery and hand processes it is a practical sheet material that requires no specialist equipment to alter or install and is available in standard 2.4 x 1.2m sheets.

We have put into place strict rules for our supply chain, sourcing only responsibly and ethically.

Bianco Mono

London Plane in a white binder

Inspired by Holland Park’s leafy streets and generous Victorian terraces; Bianco Mono uses timber from London’s plane trees to create a clean and modern surface full of hidden details.

Timber Characteristics

London plane varies between pale yellows, brown, and reddish pink, depending on the tree used. The wood grain is fibrous and often includes small knots and whirls.

Ivory Duo

British Walnut and Cedar of Lebanon in an ivory coloured binder

Playfully serious like afternoon tea; Ivory Duo is a warm and welcoming surface that echoes the glamour of Bond Street’s arcades and hotels. The rich tones and textures of the timber gently contrast the restrained background colour.

Timber Characteristics

Cedar of Lebanon varies between pale orange-brown and a rich orange or dark brown with distinctive dark rings throughout.

Walnut varies between a rich dark brown and a pale mid brown with a consistent grain that occasionally includes dark, almost black, lines and figuring.

Charcoal Mono

British Walnut in a black binder

Like an evening with old friends in a Soho members’ club; Charcoal Mono is a homage to the dark panelled rooms of past centuries with its black binder and rich Walnut tones.

Timber Characteristics

British Walnut varies between rich dark brown and a pale mid brown. The wood grain is consistent and sometimes includes dark, almost black, lines and figuring.

Azur Mono

British Oak in a pale blue binder

Azure Mono is a take on the industrial past and creative future of London’s vibrant East End. The colour of the Oak is the perfect compliment to the carefully chosen blue binder.

Timber Characteristics

British Oak is a very consistent mid brown with light brown rays spreading across the grain. Its dense structure makes it ideal for heavy usage, while knots and burr add extra interest to the surface.

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