Passionate about Stone.

At Variostone, we are Bespoke Marble Mosaics, Terrazzo and Alabaster Lights suppliers for a wide range of projects throughout the world. Our work embodies the symbiosis of technology, aesthetics and craftsmanship by turning raw materials into our clients' visions.

Bespoke Marble Mosaics

We manufacture both machine cut and artisan hand clipped marble mosaics in our Italian atelier. We are able to create all sorts of designs, from geometric patterns to intricate artistic designs using a wide range of stones.

Belmont Marble Fireplaces

Born from our experience in making bespoke fireplaces, we launched Belmont Marble Fireplaces as a brand with its own range of beautifully carved pieces, and as always, a bespoke fireplace design service.


We manufacture terrazzo in a range of production methods in order to respond to the needs of all projects.


Classic cement based terrazzo available in tiles and slabs, in over 50 designs.


Resin based tiles and slabs, as thin as 12mm for floor tiles.

In Situ

The old fashioned way. Terrazzo poured directly on site, ideal for projects over 50m2.


Using custo made moulds, terrazzo is able to take pretty much any shape.


Create your own designs with our team. Pick your base colour, and marble chips.

Bespoke furniture and pieces

Variostone is your ideal partner to bring to life your bespoke furniture and pieces ideas. Our team has a wealth of experience in delivering technically challenging ideas, and sourcing unusual stones.

Variostone is a natural stone, and terrazzo supplier with a vision led by craft, art and technology. We work solely with high quality materials and refine them to create striking architectural results. We are a design led company with at heart the desire to offer architects and interior designers a wide range of products as well as innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of their project.

At Variostone, our ultimate aim is to create products with artistic significance, that allow architects and interior designers to forge meaningful new relationships between people and the spaces they live in.

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